This blog is about our journey with Arthrogryposis(AMC). It is not just a walk in the park. Flying all over the country for medical treatments for our two kids. Therapies and surgeries. Not always fun but always necessary.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

first PT

we had our first pt appt. Sophie was nervous. but it turned out ok. she is strong willed though and wants to play what she wants to play and play it her way rather than doing what Loretta(therapist) wants her to do. she is very content to ignore questions directed to her. we have to work on that! Anyways we will go twice a week to see Loretta for now. Some weeks it will have to be once a week due to scheduling of other things(like Philly week). I asked many questions and they all came down to one thing, core strength and not enough of it. so thats where we will start I guess. She still fusses a little about that right leg but no clue why. she isnt freaking out completely every time we touch it though so I guess thats an improvement. She was also totally ok with getting her into a chair and understands when I say we have a life to live until she gets fixators. and besides by the time she is done with fixators she will be covered under a different insurance so we can revisit the need for a new chair at that time. besides I cant even get a date for the first surgery(osteotomies) which will include 6 weeks casted, much less worry about when the heck we will get to fixators! meanwhile with 10 kids I have places to be and if I am there Sophie is there, thats how it works around here. she goes where I go. overall it was a good visit and she definitely wants to get OT in there too. so here we go on a roller coaster! there are two OTs and one I have worked with before and DONT LIKE so I am hoping it will work out to get the other one.

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