This blog is about our journey with Arthrogryposis(AMC). It is not just a walk in the park. Flying all over the country for medical treatments for our two kids. Therapies and surgeries. Not always fun but always necessary.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Ben is back in casts. purple ones. since his feet reclubbed in his AFOs. Sophie is doing fine in her AFOs. She got her straps tightened a bit more at the last visit but overall her feet are doing fine. She is anxiously awaiting her new chair. I am not thrilled with doing casts again. but I guess its what we have to do. He got some sores and in order for the sores to heal we had to loosen a bit and his feet aggressively went right back to clubbed. I hope that I can find somewhere for Sophie when Ben goes back since she doesnt need to go for appointment. Of course I have to MAKE an appointment. the scheduling dept was already gone when we left Shriners on Friday. we spent THE ENTIRE DAY there.