This blog is about our journey with Arthrogryposis(AMC). It is not just a walk in the park. Flying all over the country for medical treatments for our two kids. Therapies and surgeries. Not always fun but always necessary.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tomorrow is Sophie's big day

Tomorrow is Sophie;s big surgery. well the first of many I suppose. She is not at all concerned. She only wants to be sure that she will NOT be awake when they put those pesky casts on! I assured her she wont be. We are excited for the outcome. Putting her own pants on and underpants on will be a possibility. she can never get them over her flopping outward legs. Surgery is scheduled for 2. We need to be there at 11. unfortunately she has to be npo after 1030am, and only clear liquids after midnight tonight. I told her we would stay up late and have a snack. Surgery is scheduled for 3 hours. may be more may be less. hoping for no complications and NO spica.

Today Sophie and I walked for HOURS, or rather I walked and pushed her in stroller for hours. We went to see the liberty bell. we saw lots of history and historical sites. lots of stuff about Ben Franklin. Just wasnt as much fun without Eric. I kept thinking how he would love it there. maybe someday he and I can come back.

Tonight is therapy dog night here at Ronald McDonald house Philadelphia. Sophie is beside herself waiting to see STella. She is a mastiff, and we met her several times before. We are both excited. I love that dog. and hopefully she will relieve some of my worry and stress over doing this whole thing alone. a little doggie snuggle time, a long hot bath and I should be good to go. Sophie is such a good little traveler. she is pretty easy going about anything and everything. She has been happily entertaining herself with a little notebook and pen for almost an hour. but now its almost time for dinner and we are parched from walking all day. Time to go get a drink and some dinner. and then STELLA TME!

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